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Easiest Way for Unsaved Excel File Recovery

Hey! Have you ever lost your Excel file when you forget to save it after edited? If so, how to recover unsaved Excel file in an easist way? The answer is the powerful WinSuite 2012. The software is a highly integrated type for you not only easily cracking password of documents, but instally recovering office lost data, and effortlessly retrieve you a definitely clean and clear office environment.

Equip your office with this terrific Excel file recovery and make everything easy! Your office key, hard disk drive, document, email, MSN, Yahoo Messenger, Google Talk, IE AutoComplete and so on, all can be used the WinSuite 2012 for data recovery of key finding or cleaning and more. Speed up your PC and make your files safer, that's the ultimate mission of the program.

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Tutorials: How to Recover Unsaved Excel File?

Step 1. Run software

Get the program from here, install and launch it. Click Data Recovery on the top, hit he button of Data Recovery and go.

easiest way of unsaved excel file recovery

Step 2. Start to recover unsaved excel file

Check the File Type, you can find the unsaved Excel file in the Document folder. Select the file and click Recover.

easiest way to find back unsaved excel doc

In a minute, the unsaved Excel file will be recovered and you can reuse it as soon as possible. Only a few clicks are needed in this procedures of unsaved Excel file recovery. Office 2000, XP, 2003, 2007 and 2010 versions are supported!

Sounds Great?

Now! Please lose no time to keep the gorgeous software for more purposes and maximize the speed and performance of your computer now.

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how to recover unsaved excel files

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